Ayyayo Song​ Lyrics From Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Movie In Telugu

Ayyayo Song​ Lyrics in Telugu Tenglish And English Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Movie

Ayyayo Song​ Lyrics Music: Jakes Bejoy Directed: Koushik Pegallapati Singer: Aditya Tadepalli Starring: Kartikeya​​​, LavanyaTripathi​​​ Lyrics: Karunakar Adigarla Does anyone who goes to the house of death and has a mindset fall in love? Does it also love a dead wife? If the husband is gone and the wife is crying in the hole .. … Read more

Fix Ayipo Full Song Lyrics In Telugu & English 2021

Fix Ayipo Full Song Lyrics In Telugu Tenglish And English

Fix Ayipo Full Song Lyrics: Koushik Pegallapati, Sanare Directed: Koushik Pegallapati Singers: Rahul Sipligunj, Aditya Tadepalli Production Designer: Manisha A Dutt Music: Jakes Bejoy The latest movie starring RX 100 hero Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi as heroines is ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’. Kaushik Pegallapati is doing script work and directing. There has been an update regarding … Read more

Kadile Kaalannadiga Song Lyrics In Telugu Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Movie

Chavu Kaburu Challaga Second Song Lyrics In Telugu Tenglish And English

Kadile Kaalannadiga Song Singers: Gowtham Bharadwaj, Shashaa Tirupati Cast & Crew: Kartikeya, Lavanya Tripathi Lyrics: Koushik Pegallapati, Sanare Written & directed: Koushik Pegallapati Music: Jakes Bejoy Karthikeyan and Lavanya Tripathi acted as a couple in the movie ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga ..!’. Bunny Vasu is producing on the GA2 Pictures banner presented by Allu Arvind. Kaushik … Read more